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By Jess McGrath on 2004-03-07 22:27:00


Thanks to Tim Whitehead for the following.

Liberty Championship Wrestling promoted a March of Dimes fundraiser show at Brooks Gym on the campus of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City on Saturday, March 6. The show featured a defense of the NWA Title by Jeff Jarrett.

Wade Adams became the #1 contender for the Northeast (as in Northeast Tennessee) Title in an elimination match. The teams were Adams & Josh Cody & Super Destroyer vs. Jack Miller & Alix Wynter & Tony Givens. They went quite a while before the first elimination. That occurred when Destroyer chokeslammed Miller behind the ref's back (Destroyer had illegally sneaked in without a tag) and Cody pinned him. Adams pinned Wynter after some additional outside interference. This left Givens against the three heels, and as he is small he did the David vs. Goliath scenario of dominating against the odds. He pinned Cody after the latter missed on an Asai moonsault when Givens rolled clear. Destroyer got eliminated on a DQ after being caught with a foreign object. Givens continued looking strong against Adams, hitting him with a DDT and bulldog. Valet Rebecca Lynn interfered, enabling Adams to hit his finisher (basically the FU) to finish off Givens and score the win.

Ray Idol defeated Scott Sterling to retain the SSW Title. Jeff Tankersley was in Sterling's corner and kept interfering. It eventually backfired, and Idol won with a sideslam.

Black Widow defeated Jeff Storm to capture the LCW Title. A lot of brawling on the floor, but not into the seats or stands. Allen King & Shane Matthews ran in. The ref took a bump. Wade Adams then attacked Storm, who got beaten down by everyone and pinned when the ref revived.

Blackheart & Steve Mountain were the winners of a rumble-type tag match. The first two teams were Mike Cooper & The Freak vs. Southern Storm & Poison. Freak bumps a lot. After Storm pinned Freak, the next team came in, which I think was called Gore Incorporated (I may be wrong about that, as I couldn't make out the name due to the PA system). Anyway, they won by KO'ing Poison with a foreign object and pinning him. They lost the next round, though, to Big Daddy & Brian Michaels when Michaels scored a pin with an elbow off the top. The finale saw Blackheart & Mountain (managed by Bryan Wayne) down Daddy & Michaels when Mountain walloped Daddy with Wayne's stop sign with a smiley face painted on it, scoring the pin.

Allen King & Shane Matthews defeated Eddie Golden & Robbie Cassidy to retain the LCW Tag Titles. Pretty good match! Cassidy had King pinned but the heel commissioner special ref refused to count. He then fast counted when King rolled Cassidy up as he argued.

Bryan Wayne retained the Northeast (Tennessee) Title via a Dusty-finish DQ over A.J. Styles. Styles started off with his big kicks. Wayne hit a lariat and a backdrop. Styles fought back but missed a charge into the corner and hit the turnbuckles hard. Wayne missed a senton splash off the top when Styles rolled clear. Styles hit a spinning headscissors. Wayne hit a powerbomb. Styles started throwing the cool looking kicks. Wayne's cohorts Blackheart & Mountain ran in. Styles held them off, but accidentally walloped the ref in doing so. The ref went down. The heels tripled on Styles and beat him down. Wayne covered him and got a visionary fall, but the ref was still out. Styles recovered and laid Wayne out, hitting him the the Styles Splash (360 splash) and scoring the pin as a second ref ran in and counted the pin. Styles was announced as the new champ, but the original ref revived and reversed it, DQ'ing Styles for earlier knocking him out. Styles lived up to his rep, really doing some hot stuff in this match. Wayne has lost a lot of weight and can now compete in these faster paced bouts.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Chris Harris to retain the NWA World Title. Jarrett stalled for a long time. He was managed by Sensational Sherri. Jarrett finally pulled hair to take Harris down. Sherri was a wildcat out there, choking, slapping, and even biting Harris. Jarrett scored a series of twos. Harris mounted a comeback with a flying lariat. Using a mixture of brawling and matwork, he scored several near falls on Jarrett. He rammed Jarrett and Sherri's heads together. Harris had Jarrett up for a vertical suplex, but Sherri tripped him and Jarrett fell on top of him to score the pin. Good finale for the show. Harris beat the ref up afterward for his incompetence in not seeing Sherri's interference, which ended things with a babyface pop.
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